Compression Seals

Use compression dock seals to create a perfect fit between the trailer and the dock loading door. A foam-filled compression reduces the amount of debris entering the facility, while also supporting energy efficiency and climate control measures. Loading Dock Equipment Inc. carries a variety of compression seal types, such as:

  • Fixed Head Pad (Foam-filled head and side pads for the most effective seal)
  • Head Curtain (Foam-filled sides with curtain-style head)
  • Adjustable Head Pad (Solution for higher door openings)


Easily-adjustable inflatable dock seals are the perfect solution to accommodate varying trailer sizes. Quality and durability are important factors to consider when maintaining climate control or high cleanliness levels in your facility. That’s why we carry Blue Giant’s Elite line of dock deals and shelters, so you know you’re getting the best products on the market.

Our inventory of inflatable dock shelters includes:

  • Adjustable Inflatable
  • Stationary Inflatable
  • Air Frame Inflatable


If you’ve invested in a dock seal or dock shelter, you want to make sure you get the most out of your recent purchase. The Blue Giant ArmorShield – a heavy-duty, insulated material wrap to protect against friction or puncture damage – is designed to extend the life of your dock seal or shelter in the most cost-effective manner. The ArmorShield can be applied to new or existing products and comes in a variety of sizes for different applications.


Loading Dock Equipment Inc. offers dock shelters from Blue Giant for every application and trailer type, including:

  • HingeMaster (seals hinge gaps for maximum sealing efficiency)
  • Foam Frame (unrestricted access to trailer interior; perfect for tailgate and standard trailers)
  • Full Access (adjustable head curtain, allowing trucks to back through vertical pads)
  • Retractable Shelter (collapsible frame that retracts upon impact, extending the life of the shelter)
  • Stationary Shelter (provides full trailer access while forming a tight seal on the top and sides)

Rain Shroud

Tired of rain water getting your materials and loading dock wet? Keep out the elements with the Blue Giant Rain Shroud, made from dual-density foam, double-stitched seams, two galvanized side support mounting brackets, and a variety of high-quality fabrics to choose from.

The minimalist design of the dock rain shroud ensures minimal maintenance required and no mechanical parts that could potentially fail or wear out.