When purchasing hydraulic vehicle restraints make sure to keep in mind that Blue Giant’s innovative design, powerful performance and low cost of ownership is what's best for your business needs. The restraints StrongArm line includes:

  • Unbeatable quality 
  • LED lights communication system 
  • Proven safety features


These environmentally-friendly alternatives to hydraulic vehicle restraints are a great addition to any safe dock environment. Hook-style arms use electronic compensation float systems to secure trailers of most heights – even those with air-ride suspension systems. We carry only the highest-quality vehicle restraints on the market: built to last with heavy-duty motors and plated with zinc to prevent rust or corrosion.

Pair the StrongArm electric vehicle restraint with the Blue Giant air-powered dock leveler for the ultimate, eco-friendly loading dock.


Mechanical vehicle restraints are simple, cost-effective solutions to avoiding trailer creep or trailer walk and forklift accidents. These manually-operated trailer restraining systems require little to no maintenance with their no-impact design and zinc plating to prevent rusting or corrosion – extending the work life of the vehicle restraint.

Arm engagement and release is control by an extended push-pull bar with no lifting required. Their easy-to-use design can save valuable time when transferring loads – ultimately making your dock operation run as efficiently as possible.

Wheel Chocks

Required under OSHA regulations and many insurance companies, wheel chocks are a must for any safe material handling operation. Our selection of wheel chocks will prevent truck and trailer wheels from shifting during the loading and unloading of materials.

We carry a variety of wheel chock types and models, including:

  • Laminated Wheel Chocks
  • Molded Wheel Chocks
  • Aluminum Wheel Chocks
  • Ice Wheel Chocks (necessary in icy conditions)
  • Wheel Chock Kits (15’ chain and chock reminder sign included)