HD LED Dock Lighting

Dock Lighting

See and be seen. Energy-efficient dock lighting solutions from Blue Giant are easy to install, light and maneuverable, and can be paired with bright, long-lasting LED bulbs for efficient and safe material transfers. Choose from Loading Dock Equipment’s stock of dock lighting, including:

  • Loading Dock Lights (available with incandescent bulbs or LED light)
  • LED Dock Lights (use 80% less energy than incandescent or halogen lights)
  • Gooseneck Loading Dock Lights (versatile dock lights for inside trailers or around the loading dock environment)
  • HD LED Dock Lights (use 94% less energy)
  • Dock Light Fans (light those hard-to-see areas while ventilating the space)

Loading Dock Light Communications Packages

Lights Communication Packages

It’s important to keep your staff safe, while avoiding costly communication errors when loading or unloading valuable cargo. 

Our supply of easy-to-install dock communication light packages from Blue Giant – available in automatic (TLC24-A) and manual (TLC24-M) models – are the perfect solution to bridging the communication gap between the truck and trailer driver and the loading dock staff. These indoor and outdoor LED lights are completely waterproof, have a 100,000-hour lifespan, and include a mirror driver warning sign—available in English, French, or Spanish.

Loading Dock Traffic Light

Traffic Lights

Highly-visible traffic lights are vital to the efficiency of your loading dock operations. Use stop and go lights to improve communication and avoid unscheduled departures from trucks and trailers. These lights are simple to install, impact-resistant, and require minimal maintenance over the course of their lifespan. Choose from our selection of traditional stop and go traffic lights or the slim-profile LED traffic light—featuring continued functionality over 10 years of constant use.




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