Blue Genius Master Control Panels

Blue Genius Master Control Panels

Loading Dock Equipment Inc. supplies the latest in dock control technology with Blue Genius Master Control Panels. These panels are the epitome of high-tech solutions to operate your dock environment – all in one, consolidated location. The Blue Genius printed circuit board technology eliminates hazardous cable clutter or the deterioration of mechanical switches and wires. Choose from the Gold or Platinum Series dock control panels, depending on your dock equipment and operation requirements. 

Stand Alone Control Stations

Standalone Control Stations

Standalone control panels from Blue Giant are easy to use with their simplistic, single-button design – able to get the job done without over complicating your dock operations. Choose from the Blue Giant SP1, for operating standalone, pit-style hydraulic dock levelers; the SP2, a single-button system to operate hydraulic dock levelers; or the Automatic-TLC24-A, to operate the communication system in auto, manual, or bypass modes.

Blue Genius Gold Series I

Blue Genius Gold Series

One of the most popular control panels, the Blue Genius Gold Series comes in three different configurations: I, II, and III. These panels feature a bright LCD screen to read real-time instructions and operation details, as well as keypad lockouts and override functions.

  • Gold Series I:  Control dock levelers safely with onboard diagnostic reports, touch-sensitive buttons and keypad, and an emergency STOP button to avoid unnecessary accidents. 
  • Gold Series II: Different from the Gold Series I, the Gold Series II operates the vehicle restraint and comes standard with the communication traffic lights package.
  • Gold Series III: The best of both worlds. The Gold Series III can do it all. Have the ability to control the dock leveler, vehicle restraint, and communication lights – all-in-one.
Blue Genius Platinum Series

Blue Genius Platinum Series

The Blue Genius Platinum Series control panels consolidate operations for a multitude of dock equipment, including dock levelers, vehicle restraints, overhead doors, and inflatable seals, and dock communication lights. With the Platinum Series, you can operate any dock system from a single control panel – optimizing safety and maximizing productivity. In addition to the ability to operate overhead doors, all the features of the Gold Series panels are included in the Platinum Series, with the unique ability to disconnect power to the control panel in preparation for service and maintenance.